Princess, April 21st Pet of the Week!

“Will someone please come save me?” Only princesses in fairy tales are trapped in towers, up against dragons, and kidnapped by evildoers. Our Princess is surrounded by loving volunteers and shelter staff, takes walks and exercise, and has good food and plenty of toys to play with. But she needs immediate rescue, foster or placement. She’s engaging in self-harm and repetitive behavior because she’d overwhelmed and overstimulated by the intense noise and constant confinement at the shelter. Princess is a 5-year-old American pit bull who walks pretty well on a leash and adores affection. She’ll do best in a quiet home as the only pet. If you’re a patient, accepting, dog (and breed)-savvy human who can give Princess time and space to decompress, you’ll be just the champion she needs, whether you come to the shelter on a galloping steed or in a Honda Fit, . Our shelter’s adoptions are conducted through appointment only, so call 562-570-PETS or email or to meet Princess. Ask for ID#A661674.

(This rescue encouraged by the usual suspects.)

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