Popchips has created the Love Triangle you won’t regret- Tortilla Popchips!


I’m a big fan of Popchips! I love the way they are never fried and never baked. They are just..well…popped! They are healthier, yet they don’t taste too healthy! But, do the newer Tortilla chips have the same great taste?  They start with stoneground corn masa, the same whole grain corn used to make traditional tortillas. Then they add a little heat and pressure to pop their tortilla chips, and then they top them off with naturally delicious seasonings for tortilla chips so tasty and crispy that you may not even notice they’re healthier! I received some from our friends at Popchips and what I love the best is the bold flavor and well..the less fat and calories is always something to be happy about! No fake colors, no fake flavors and no hidden anything-Nacho Cheese, Ranch, Chili Limon and my favorite-Salsa! Yum! But, did you know that Tortilla popchips have half the fat of regular flavored tortilla chips? Only 4 grams of fat and 120 calories per one oz. serving (about 16 chips). Popchips really is the new love triangle!




We have teamed up with our friends at popchips for an awesome giveaway! One subscriber will win  a month supply of  Tortilla Popchips! You must be a subscriber to enter! Next, go to their Facebook page and “like” them. Make sure to “like” our page too! Then leave us a comment below telling us one of your staying healthy tips! Deadline to enter is April 18th, 2013 at midnight!  One winner will randomly be selected from all entries!




  1. yumm! Walk and excercise daily!!

  2. surf, skate, walk…

  3. My best stay healthy to is stay ACTIVE!

  4. Exercise at least 30 min each day.

  5. All things in moderation! I truly believe you can maintain a healthy lifestyle but still have indulgences occasionally!

  6. I eat small portions and stay active (I walk for at least 20 mins. each day). In the last 6 mos. I lost 15 lbs.

  7. I try to eat lots of fruits and veggies and do excersize for at least 1 hr per day

  8. Exercise, which I need to go do right now.

  9. Congrats Cindylou! 🙂

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