“Planes” – A Visual Spectacle and a Wonderful Family Film!


If you thought “Cars” was brilliant, then you’ll be sure to love their latest animated adventure, “Planes!”  It’s an action-packed comedy featuring Dusty, a small plane with dreams of competing in an around-the-world race.  The only problem is that Dusty is a crop-duster who’s afraid of heights!  As you can imagine, this makes it very difficult for Dusty to achieve his dreams.  But, with the help of his best friends and a trained navy fighter plane named Skipper, Dusty finds new hope and inspiration.  KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Molly J, thought that “the visual effects in this film are spectacular” and at times it feels as if you are flying right alongside Dusty. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Brianna Hope B says, “It is a great film. It has hope, adventure and good humor.” Their full reviews below.


Reviewed by Brianna Hope B.


Reviewed by Molly J


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