Pet product called “Love Your Laptime” is a Must-Have!


Looking for something that your pet and you will both love?

Do you have a cat (or dog..or even Rabbit) who likes to sit or lay  in your lap?

The innovative pet product called “Love Your Laptime” is a product that you will love! It is made out of plush fabric and it is washable! You simply place it in your lap and it is comfy for both owner and pet. My cat Snowball jumped on it right away and my Pup Bink decided he would rest on it too!

It also has a zipper closed pocket to store grooming tools and or treats. Now, how cool is that? My pets think the treats are pretty cool!

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To find out more and to purchase go to


Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this Pet Corner post. No compensation was received.

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