Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is one of the most effective and wholesome healing techniques in the modern world. But is it really something ‘new’? No! The basic principles of this therapy date back to as far as 2000 B.C, where people used to trigger cellular healing by using magnetic stones. Contrary to other invasive therapies, the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is non-invasive and utilized in healing a number of health conditions and upgrading overall well-being.

 From pain to cancer and everything in between, PEMF has been proven effective in improving the symptoms of several medical conditions. But today, we’re going to be talking about its effectiveness in one particular condition: TINNITUS!

 So let’s start from the basics:


Today, PEMF therapy involves using several portable pemf devices to treat health conditions. These devices work as a battery charger for damaged and unhealthy cells.

 What does that mean?

 The thing is, our cells should have the minimum voltage (charge) necessary for them to work properly. This electric charge ranges from -20 to -25 millivolts. When our cells fail to build and maintain this voltage, they stop functioning properly, and the person falls sick. So how do we get our cells to obtain the required voltage for healthy functioning? We INDUCE voltage into them by means of PEMF therapy.

 Pemf portable devices are pretty simple to use, and they conveniently induce a slight electromagnetic charge into the dysfunctional cells. As a result, the dysfunctional cells start getting revitalized, and the healing process kickstarts. The pemf therapy helps stop/slow down pain, curb inflammation, increase blood oxygenation, improve blood flow-all leading to faster tissue healing.

 This was the basic mechanism of how healing occurs through pemf therapy using pemf portable devices. Let’s now move on to discussing tinnitus and how PEMF therapy benefits it.


In simple terms, Tinnitus refers to the buzzing or ringing sound in the ears. This sound can last from a few seconds to minutes and is obviously irritating. The incidence of tinnitus in the present generation is comparatively greater than that of the older ones. Increased exposure to loud sounds, music devices, and electromagnetic radiations are just some of the reasons for growing tinnitus cases.

 According to the NIDCD (National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders), about 10% of the US adult population has experienced tinnitus at some point in their lives. These statistics are from 2008, and the figures are expected to have grown significantly afterward.


PEMF therapy is potentially beneficial for people experiencing tinnitus and hearing issues. It’s not actually a proper treatment but can potentially reduce the symptoms of tinnitus significantly.

 Several studies have been conducted to test the effectiveness of this therapy in hearing issues. These studies have assessed the reduction in tinnitus symptoms in accordance with the original cause of the disease. Tinnitus may have several causes and may originate from either a problem inside the ear itself or from the brain’s auditory center. Therefore, many studies have also focused on the effects of pemf on tinnitus by stimulating the brain.


For example, a recent study performed in Germany tested the effects of pemf therapy + added auditory stimulation on the symptoms of tinnitus. A significant reduction in the loudness of tinnitus ringing was observed. Although this study doesn’t demonstrate the benefits of pemf alone for the treatment of tinnitus, it does show that pemf has benefits for the said purpose.

 Similarly, a lot of other studies also show pemf therapy as a potential tool for treating tinnitus, and the use of portable pemf devices has added much more convenience to its utilization.


According to research and studies, PEMF therapy is potentially beneficial for the betterment of tinnitus symptoms.

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