PB Crave is a Must-Have for Summer Picnics!


Is your child tired of just regular peanut butter? Maybe, you are a peanut butter lover and want something new! I have a child who can be quite particular so we were excited to receive the PB Crave flavors to try out. Delicious peanut butter with natural peanut butter, honey and delicious flavors of fruit and chocolate. Now, how does that sound? PB Crave has delicious flavors such as Choco Choco, CoCo Bananas, Razzle Dazzle and Cookie Nookie. They are Gluten-Free & Cholesterol Free and have no trans fat. I had a tough time choosing which one was my favorite but I think that I will have to go with the Razzle Dazzle! This one has a natural peanut butter and natural raspberry flavor with white and semi-sweet chocolate with just a touch of honey. Yum! My son loved the Cookie Nookie which is a mixture of chocolate chips, cookie dough flavor, wild honey and premium peanut butter. All these flavors are just so delicious! You can use them in recipes or just make sandwiches! They are a Must-Have for Summer picnics and lunches at the beach. Now available at most Walmart and Cost Plus World Market stores. To find out more, check out the website! (Don’t forget to check out the recipes!)

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Razzel                   Cookie

PB Crave is also making a difference! They have a goal to help save the lives of 2 million children. A minimum of 2% of the profits from every jar of PB Crave peanut butter goes directly to Project Peanut Butter, a non-profit organization focused on treating malnourished children.  Join PB Crave and help change the world. Make a donation at www.pbcrave.com.

Self Disclosure: I received free samples of PB Crave to facilitate this feature but any opinions expressed are truthful. Photo Credit: PB Crave.

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