Panda Pop is fun for the Whole Family!

It’s Fall but we’re still having a heat wave! So, it is really cool to stay in the house and play games! I have a new favorite by creator  SGN. I love that I can play this game on my iPhone or my laptop! It’s simply fun! What is the name of this game, you ask? Panda Pop! I have to admit I just love saving all the baby pandas! I also like that it is not complicated and that the game does not seem to glitch. I also like that it gets more challenging as you get to higher levels! So, you don’t get bored easy!

IMG_3775.jpgpanda pop

Panda Pop is also a free game app! Now, how cool is that?! Sure! Like most game apps, you can also make purchases but you don’t have to. They are currently having a summer sale though.  I have to admit that I have just started playing but it seems like I am advancing to higher levels quite quickly and I would love new friends to play against! So, who wants to Stop, Drop and Panda Pop?

Just click on the SoCal City Kids link and play!  Here’s the link:

Self Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and I am promoting this game app. I am receiving compensation and any opinions expressed are my own. 

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