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Supercharge Your Health with More Than 100 Recipes Using the Power of Purees

by Missy Chase Lapine
September 2016

Chef and author Missy Chase Lapine has made a career out of “sneaking” healthy foods into reluctant eaters. As the Sneaky Chef she has transformed the way America feeds its families by creating a unique method of using “blends” that can be added to beloved recipes to make every meal more nutritious. She has made countless television appearances demonstrating for hosts and viewers alike how to sneak nutrition into kid’s meals at home and her company Sneaky Chef Foods LLC is committed to developing products that better children’s health. In 2007 her cookbook The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Mealsrocketed onto the New York Times Best-Seller list as parents across the country snuck hidden vegetables into breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. In 2016, however, Missy has set here sights on the adults.

I love how easy this book makes following recipes with signature base blends so easy!  One of my favorites is the Butternut Squash-Apple base blend. There are recipes for 15 base blends. There are 75 delicious dishes, each using a base blend. The recipes are not complicated and I love the beautiful illustrations!

With recipes such as Seared Salmon with Dill Sauce using the Broccoli-Pea-Spinach Base Blend, Meaty Mushroom Bolognese using the Carrot-Sweet Potato Base Blend, and the Skinny Chocolate Cake using the Black Bean-Blueberry-Baby Kale Base Blend, SNEAKY BLENDS is packed with delicious, simple recipes whipped up with nutrient-dense purees to create leaner, cleaner yet ridiculously tasty meals. It is the only cookbook readers will need to detox and transform their overall health while still enjoying delicious meals.

Missy’s fresh, irreverent approach to nutrition can be found on her website, TheSneakyChef.com.

You can purchase on Amazon.com.

The next one is a great one for New Moms!

The Minimalist Mom by Rachel Jonat.


By learning how to clear the things new parents don’t really need—expensive baby gear, piles of tiny clothes, a new SUV, an overscheduled calendar—new parents will be able to simply and joyfully embrace the space, time, money, and peace they leave behind.

This book will be really helpful for new parents!

About the author:


Rachel Jonat (theminimalistmom.com) (Vancouver) is an apartment dweller, almost Olympian, clutter buster, lover of capsule wardrobes, walkable cities, and brunch.


You can browse her archives to read more about her minimalist journey, or to find out more about her book Do Less (Adams Media, 2014). You can follower her on facebooktwitterinstagram, or Pinterest.



Eat Wheat: A Scientific and Clinically-Proven Approach to Safely Bringing Wheat and Dairy Back into Your Diet (Morgan James, January 2017) by Dr. John Douillard, DC, CAP, addresses this timely topic of food intolerances. After 3.4 million years of eating wheat and only 500,000 years of hunting meat, through Eat Wheat, Dr. Douillard reminds us that humans are actually genetically better equipped to eat wheat than meat and the true Paleo diet, clearly, included glutinous grains like wheat and barley.

Dr. Douillard is a former NBA nutrition expert and creator of LifeSpa.com. He has spent the past 30 years and has seen more than 100,000 patients in his natural health practice, helping to improve their digestive systems and begin to eat wheat again.

I found this book to be very interesting and helpful!

Eat Wheat explains how a breakdown in digestion has damaged the intestinal wall and leaked undigested foods and environmental toxins into the body’s lymphatic system, causing “grain brain” symptoms and food allergies. Although eliminating wheat and dairy from your diet may help your symptoms, it’s a temporary solution. The book addresses the root cause: the inability to digest well and break down harmful pollutants and toxins that can lead to more serious health concerns.

  • Backed by more than 600 scientific studies, Eat Wheat is a revolutionary guidebook to regaining your digestive strength and safely bringing wheat and dairy back into your diet. It will also:
  • Reveal hidden science on the benefits of wheat and dairy
  • Help you navigate around food toxins in modern wheat and dairy
  • Detail how to flush congested lymphatics linked to food intolerance symptoms
  • Teach you to follow natural digestive circadian cycles
  • Help bring your blood sugar back into balance
  • Teach you proven exercise and detox techniques to reboot strong digestion and achieve optimal health and vitality.

You can purchase on Amazon.com.

This next one if a must-read!


“Give it a Go: Eat a Rainbow”

This delightful book is by nutrition expert Kathryn Kemp Guylay with illustrations by her son Alexander. I love how this one teaches children about healthy eating habits! It also makes nutrition more fun and super easy! It really will encourage children to eat more fruits and veggies!

Find it on Amazon.com.

This next one is really helpful for Parenting!


Positive Parenting by Rebecca Eanes.

Even well-meaning parents often disrespect their children’s personal space. How would you feel if someone licked their finger to get the smudge off your face? Or fixed your hair without asking? You respect your child if you ask first. This is only one helpful piece of advice that you can find in this book. It is full of very helpful advice!


REBECCA EANES is the founder of Positive-Parents.org, creator of Positive Parenting: Toddlers and Beyond, and a contributing editor to Creative Child magazine.

You can purchase on Amazon.com.


When Your Child is Gay by Wesley C. Davidson and Jonthan L. Tobkes, MD is another must-read for parents!

Coming out can be fraught with difficulty for both parents and child—but Wesley C. Davidson, a popular blogger on gay rights issues, and Dr. Jonathan Tobkes, a New York City-based psychiatrist, provide a road map in When Your Child is Gay (Sterling; $14.95; June 2016) so families can better navigate this rocky emotional terrain.


Emphasizing communication and unconditional love, Davidson and Tobkes help parents untangle their own feelings, identify and overcome barriers to acceptance, encourage strong self-esteem in their child, handle negative or hostile reactions to their child’s sexual identity, and more.


Filled with case studies and interviews, along with useful action plans and conversation starters, this is a positive, progressive guide to raising healthy, well-adjusted adults.

I found this to be an insightful book that I recommend for all parents!

You can purchase on Amazon.com.


Self Disclosure: I received samples of these books to feature in our Featured Book Post. Photos and info was also provided.

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