Ora Paper Towels aren’t your Regular Everyday Paper Towels!


There’s a new paper towel in town and it’s name is Ora! 

Ora is the first all-around paper towel that features a modern, compact stacking system, allowing you to grab a single sheet with just one hand. This is actually pretty cool! At first, I was worried and was thinking one sheet won’t be absorbent enough and that I would have to grab a bunch. Well, so not true! They are durable and do not rip easily and they are very absorbent!

Another really cool thing is that they are Eco-Friendly! This innovative stacked design has no cardboard inner tube. You basically get more sheets when compared to the traditional roll. You also don’t have to worry about recycling the cardboard tube.

Now, where would you find Ora? I know….you are thinking…”Have I seen it at a local store?” Ora launched in November exclusively at participating Target stores across Texas. I know! This is California and not Texas but they are also available online at Target.com. Ora is avalable for purchase in single, double or triple packs and retails for $2.99 (single), $5.49 (double) and $7.99 (triple).

For more information on Ora, please visit www.ora-homeusa.com.


Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this post. No other compensation was received and any opinions expressed are my own. Photo was provided.

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