October is National non-GMO month and SeaSnax ~ the first verified non-GMO seaweed brand ~ is raising the awareness bar for families about better snacking options!

Since 46% of shoppers deliberately avoid gmo’s when selecting foods at the supermarket, SeaSnax has put together a fun, family game that you are sure to love!

 Spy GMO game.

Directions: Be a food detective and win a prize by crossing out foods that could contain gmo’s. Once your child completes the attached game board, have an adult email: win@seasnax.com and SeaSnax will send you a special gift.

More info SeaSnax: SeaSnax mission is investing in the future of a new generation by offering access to healthy food choices and igniting leaders in the food justice movement. For over a decade, SeaSnax has been at the cutting edge of the healthy snack food industry and is the most award-winning brand of seaweed snacks in America. http://www.seasnax.com

More info: Non-GMO verified project – celebrating 10 years:


Self Disclosure: I received samples and they are a hit with my family!

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