NueVue® Launches Line of iPhone/iPad Protective Cases That Clean Screen Each Time Device is Removed; Offers Antimicrobial Protection to Keep Device/s Bacteria-Free



 UK-based NueVue®just expanded distribution of its unique line of protective cases for smartphones and tablets in the USA. The patent-pending cases protect smartphones and tablets,NueVue because they clean the screen every time you remove the device and offer antimicrobial protection.

Looking for a better way to clean and protect his iPhone, Inventor Derek Batey, CEO of NueVue®and high-tech entrepreneur wondered, “Why is it such a hassle to maintain a clean iPhone screen? Why couldn’t a case do more than just hold the device — like clean and protect it?”


I received a sample to review and I love how this not only protects my iphone but also cleans the screen. I have tried many other phone cases before but not one that actually cleans my screen. This is just so innovative! 

Phones and germs have made headlines for years, as the connection has been established by numerous sources.

  • Recently, The New York Times reported on “cleaning the mobile germ warehouse,” in which an infectious disease specialist reported “that devices can be a source of disease transmission.”
  • FOX News reported a UK study that found “mobile phones 18 times dirtier than toilet handles.”
  • Today Health asked, “Is that staph on your sweater?  10 Germ Hideouts” and discussed cell phones, “The things you touch a zillion times a day-iPhone, BlackBerry, keyboard, computer mouse — are big carriers of germs, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and flu viruses.”

After extensive research and testing, Batey found a solution.  He discovered that a unique blend of microfibers and BioCote® antimicrobial technology would not only clean the screen quickly — with a simple sliding motion — but would eliminate microbes as well. The result: a line of cases with clear advantages. Smartphones and tablets with clean screens are easier to see, tend to scratch less and are more hygienic. What’s more, NueVue®’s anti-microbial protection eliminates up to 80% of microbes in 15 minutes and continues working to eliminate up to 99.9% of microbes within two hours.  At the same time, the phone or tablet stays secure and protected due to to the case’s anti-static and shock resistant capabilities.

“The advantages of having a clean screen on your phone and tablet are certainly well understood. But we wanted our cases to do more than just clean and protect. Studies show that the average smartphone is covered with more bacteria than toilet seats, kitchen counters and the bottom of shoes,” says Derek Batey, CEO of NueVue®. “The warm batteries make the perfect breeding ground for pathogens and viruses.  According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, people are just as likely to get sick from their mobile phones as they are from doorknobs in public bathrooms! A phone or tablet that’s free of microbes is an essential consideration for personal well being.”

NueVue products are handmade in the highest quality cotton twill, leather and canvas and come in a variety of stylish colors. More information is available on

About NueVue®

The NueVue® brand is synonymous with innovation: the only products on the market to combine fashion, functionality and antimicrobial protection in cases for smartphones and tablets. NueVue’s unique combination of BioCote® technology and microfibers cleans the screen and eliminates microbes with one easy motion, every time the device is removed from the case. With smart devices becoming an increasingly essential part of everyday life, NueVue®provides users with clear advantages:  phone and tablet screens that are cleaner, easier to read, and more hygienic to use.

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Self Disclosure: I received a sample to facilitate this feature. Press info/photo credit: NueVue.

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