Looking for a safe and fun way to share the News with your child ages 7-10? I know that I personally don’t like my son to watch news on TV. So, I am excited to learn about an app that is geared towards children ages 7-10. It is available for the iPad or iPad Mini in the Apple App Store and you can try it for free and then pay for a subscription at a reasonable price of  weekly subscription: $1.99 + 1 week free (10 issues), monthly subscription$6.99 a month (22 issues) or $49.99  for a yearly subscription (260 issues). Press4Kids (P4K) launched in MARCH and News-O-Matic is an educational news app that covers breaking news, sports, science and much more in an accessible and kid-friendly way!

News-O-Matic is a week day newspaper application which includes five daily news stories, detailed images, videos, illustrations, maps, timelines and games. P4K’s objective is to inspire a generation of children to become habitual news readers and well-informed global citizens. What I really like is that this app also gives children a voice to express their views. Children can actually interact with the Editor-in-Chief by rating stories, drawing pictures, asking questions or expressing opinions about current topics in the “News Room” section of the app. I would have loved this as a child and it’s great to watch my 9-year-old son enjoying an app that is educational, safe & cool all at the same time! I really find it impressive that it teaches children about the top news stories in a safe educational way. News on TV can simply be too scary.

Created by a skilled team—including child experts, designers and entrepreneurs—News-O-Matic aims to transform the news experience for children in a safe, interactive environment while encouraging them to become knowledgeable, productive members of society.

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You can also visit for more information.  Make sure to like Press4Kids on Facebook and follow on Twitter for the latest updates.


  1. My daughter loves News-O-Matic! We spend 15-20 minutes each day reading the editions. She is learning so much with this app!

  2. It’s a wonderful app!

  3. We love this app! Thanks!

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