Newly Launched Homemade Linzer Tarts Kit Offers a Stylish and Unique Solution to The Gift-Giving Dilemma

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Lil’ Bruiser Linzer Kits provides the perfect solution to make anyone look like a gift-giving hero. Beautifully presented in a retro-chic designed box, the kit includes twelve delicious home-baked cookies (front and back), one jam jar, one wooden knife for spreading jam, and one powdered sugar shaker, all ready to be easily assembled. More than just a box of cookies, the kit also provides a fun cookie-making activity, especially for children, without having to turn on the oven or pull out the mixer.


Lil’ Bruiser Linzer Kits began with a love for making and gifting cookies during the holidays. Founder Lauren Stiles says, “I’ve always loved the tradition of making Christmas cookies with my mom and the idea of gifting them or doing cookie exchanges with others in our town during the holidays. I created the kits as a no fuss, no mess, yet still homemade, version of this tradition of gifting cookies.”


Growing up in Long Island, New York, Stiles recalls the constant smells and tastes of home-cooked meals, especially during the holidays when her mom labored for weeks baking a variety of Christmas cookies. Although all were delicious, Stiles favorite were the linzer tarts that came from her Austrian-Hungarian side of the family. As a child, she remembers eating them as fast as they were assembled. Today Stiles enjoys cooking and baking for her family and friends in Los Angeles. Previously, she worked in the art world at a gallery in Beverly Hills for 13 years. She recently launched Lil’ Bruiser Linzer Kits to share her passion for food and desserts with others who also enjoy a homemade sweat treat.


Lil’ Bruiser is taking advanced orders for Mother’s Day. To guarantee delivery by Mother’s Day, orders outside of California must be received by May 6 and within California by May 10.


Lil’ Bruiser Linzer Kits are $25 a box plus shipping and available at Cookies are baked fresh on demand so orders take about a week to ship.

I was delighted with how fresh these taste and even my son enjoyed them! They are perfect with Tea and would make a wonderful Mother’s Day Gift!


Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this post. Photos: SoCal City Kids.

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