New Rimmel Wonder’Lash Volume Colourist Mascara with Lash-Tint Complex For Over Time Lash Tinting AND Instant Volume


Feel naked and exposed without mascara? Don’t be scared to go bare! Rimmel’s revolutionary new mascara reveals more lashes…even when you’re NOT wearing it! New Volume Colourist Mascara is Rimmel’s first-ever mascara that, gradually over time, makes bare lashes darker. AND, in an instant, the volumising formula loads lashes with jetblack impact. Open your eyes to darker, sexier, more noticeable lashes!

Impromptu weekend plans…unscheduled sleepovers…we all have times when we wish we were mascara-ready. Going au naturel can be a daunting prospect! Bare lashes can lack eye-framing definition. And because they tend to be fairer at the tips, they appear shorter, less visible and more lacklustre.

Thankfully, Volume Colourist Mascara spells the end of dull, invisible, make-up-free lashes. Its semi-permanent lash-tint complex progressively blackens bare lashes every time you wear it so that, from 2 weeks onwards of regular usage, your naked lashes look DARKER FROM ROOT TO TIP! Your beautiful bare lashes are more visible, appear longer and have more impact because they’re blacker to their very ends. Ingenious!

No compromise! Volume Colourist Mascara delivers an immediate volumised hyper-black lash-look. You get the instant lash fullness and darkness you crave. It’s time to remove your make-up? No problem! This mascara marvel is easy to lift-off with regular eye make-up remover.

WHAT IT IS: BREAKTHROUGH FORMULA, Eye-enhancing lashes—with and without mascara—come courtesy of Rimmel’s innovative multi-tasking formula. Unique combination of creamy, ultra-black lash volumizing formula and Lash-Tint Complex with natural colorant, gives 24/7 impact. The more you use, the more natural tinting colourants are delivered to the surface of your lashes, gradually making your bare lashes appear darker and your eyes pop!

Overtime: lash-tint complex with natural colorant gradually darkens the colour of your bare lashes to help them appear more visible from root to tip from 2 weeks onwards of continuous usage. The non-permanent tint will wear off gradually after the last usage.

Instantly: tapered lash-intensifying brush wraps every lash with blacker than black pigments, making them instantly fuller and longer.

Like your lashes intensely inky? Volume Colourist Mascara comes in two powerful shades: Black and Extreme Black. Each is presented in an edgy twisted pack with a graduated colour scheme that evokes lash-tinting over time. The pack has a lacquered gun-metal pink cap that fades into a black bottle decorated with pink hot foil lettering.

Get all in a flutter for Rimmel’s new mascara innovation. Whether you’re partying on Saturday night or chilling on Sunday morning, Volume Colourist Mascara reveals darker, more impactful lashes—with and without mascara! Get the London look.

This is my new to-go-to Mascara for the Fall! I like that my lashes look fuller!

AVAILABLE SHADES: Black, Extreme Black


Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this post.

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