New Quiet Books are a must for your little ones! Unplugged Play is so important!

 Experts at the American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization recommend refraining from screens until babies are 18 months old and limiting screen time to less than an hour until kids are at least five years old. However, kids, including infants and toddlers, are spending more time on screens than ever before, resulting in developmental delays including issues with communication, motor skills, problem-solving, social skills, obesity, and more.

The solution? Unplugged play! The neuroscientist mom behind Educating AMY knows that engaging, age-appropriate, hands-on activities create an environment where babies, toddlers, and young children can explore, discover, try, fail, try again, learn, and grow.

The perfect new-mom gift, Educating AMY’s Quiet Books are soft, compact, fabric busy books packed with age-appropriate, brain-building activities designed for specific ages and stages from infancy to six years old. Each page features a Montessori-type creative play activity, puzzle, or manipulative designed to build developmental skills, problem-solving, and confidence.

These hand-sewn, heirloom-quality Quiet Books are meant to be passed down from generation to generation—and each purchase impacts generations to come through a charitable donation that supports the education of young girls in rural India. Educating AMY prepays a year’s tuition for these deserving children, recovered by the sale of their mini–Quiet Books (each sale covers two weeks of schooling) and large Quiet Books (each sale covers four weeks of schooling).

I received a sample and am so impressed with the quality and it is so cute!

Help break the cycle of increasing screen time by spreading the word about Quiet Books from Educating AMY!

Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this post. Images were also provided.

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