New Must-Have Item for COVID-19!


Where do you put your face mask when you are afforded a break from wearing it?   Do you leave it on the front seat of your car? Throw it on top of your purse? Shove it in your pocket? Leave it on the table at a restaurant? Where do kids put their masks while they are eating lunch at school or participating in sports practice?  MaskSAFE is the solution. 

MaskSAFE reusable cases secure and protect your mask, keeping it clean and free of cross-contamination.  We all wear face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Maintaining a clean face mask is essential.

Both the maskSAFE Wallet and maskSAFE Pocket cases are lightweight, sustainable, durable, and water resistant and are easy to sanitize inside and out.

In addition to protecting your face mask, maskSAFE also prolongs the life of your mask—both disposable and reusable masks.  With 130 billion masks disposed of every month, maskSAFE reduces waste and environmental harm through protecting and preserving your mask.   

  • Easy to clean
  • Compatible with most mask styles
  • Protects your mask from cross-contamination from other people and surfaces such as tables and the ground
  • Keeps your mask clean between uses
  • Easy to use for all ages

I like that the size is just perfect for the car or to keep in my purse!

Visit the maskSAFE website:

Cofounders Loryn and Kali struggled with what to do with their masks when afforded a break from wearing them. Where do you store it when driving in the car, working at your desk, dining at a restaurant, visiting the doctor, or walking or running outside? How will your children store their masks and keep them clean and protected at school? Quickly it because clear that we all need a secure and clean place to keep our masks clean while not in use. This led Loryn and Kali to develop maskSAFE. By using maskSAFE, you are protecting both yourself and those around you. Thank you for joining the maskSAFE family.

Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this post. Images were also provided.

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