New- Fun Kids’ Games & Activities

These are sure to be a hit with kids!

This one is great for older kids! 8+

Head Spin is a new fast-paced family game from Project Genius, the premier maker of brain teasers and puzzles. In each round, players try to figure out the color order based on the prompt. Then they’ll show that answer on their spinner and place it on the landing pad. The first player to show the correct answer on their spinner wins the round. Head Spin is brain bending fun for even the quickest minds and fastest hands. Recommended for ages 8 and up. and available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I found this game very entertaining!

This one is designed for kids 6-14! If they like baseball, they will love it!

Playfinity’s Backyard League Gaming Baseball turns a game of catch into a video game through a connected mobile application for iOS and Android devices. Their brand-new game, Speed Test, guides players through a 10-round test and announces speeds for each throw. It is recorded into a test history, tracking the player’s progress over time. Real-time audio commentary guides the player and enhances performance. The Backyard League Gaming Baseball is the same size and weight as a regulation MLB baseball, and it connects to an iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. It allows players to track different stats about each throw they toss and catch, such as speed, airtime, height, and transfer speed. The Backyard League mobile app allows players to build and track their baseball skills that focus on different skills, like hand-eye coordination, consistency and transfer speed. Now, how cool is that?! Their brand-new game, The baseball and games are designed for kids 6-14, and it offers 70 hours of play time on a single cell battery. Available at and Amazon.

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this post. Images were also provided.

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