New Cookie Monster ipad app from PBS Kids & Sesame Street


“Me want to go to school!”

You have to love Cookie Monster! This looks like such a fun and educational app for children ages 3-5! Keep reading to learn more!

Kids can join Cookie Monster as they head back to school with a new app from PBS KIDS and SESAME STREET –Cookie Monster’s Challenge. This marks the first time the two children’s media organizations have collaborated on a mobile project. The app, a mix of whimsy and education to help kids ages 3-5 get back into the school mindset, launches just in time for the debut of SESAME STREET’s 45th season, which premieres September 15 on PBS KIDS (check local listings).


Available for iPad for $2.99, Cookie Monster’s Challenge offers a series of brain-building games that encourage self-control, focus, memory, following directions and problem solving.  App features include:

  • Ten mini games – Each game presents an exciting challenge designed to give children the opportunity to practice self-control, focus, and memory.
  • Nine Levels – With each level the mini games get more challenging, keeping children engaged and motivated.
  • One Crazy Cookie Making Contraption – As children beat levels they earn pieces of a giant and hilarious cookie-making machine. Children can use the machine to decorate and deliver the cookies they’ve earned to their hungry friend Cookie Monster.
  • Profiles – Children and parents can create up to three separate profiles so that everyone in the family can progress through the game at their own pace.

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Self Disclosure: No compensation was received. SoCal City Kids believes that this would be a fun and educational app for children.

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