New Breathtaking Astronomy Apps for iPad & iPhone


Renowned mobile app company LANDKA has created the highly anticipated and stunningly beautiful new Kiwaka game and Kiwaka Story eBook for iPad and iPhone, a combination of education and entertainment displaying over 120 revolutionary space images from the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and other leading scientific organizations to delve deeper into the fascinating subject of astronomy.

According to an ancient legend, “Fireflies carry the light from the stars.” In the breathtaking learning adventure game Kiwaka, the player’s mission is to catch fireflies and as the game progresses the user will light up the stars in the night sky to reveal the worl  d’s wo ndrous constellations. A visually striking star map is provided through out the game showing what constellations have been restored, along with their hidden mysteries and ancient myths.

The story of the characters is told on a children’s Book app called Kiwaka Story. The night sky is full of remarkable stories and this endearing and interactive book will unveil them for users of all ages. The book is narrated by actor Diogo Morgado (Star of SON OF GOD) and the soundtrack  was written by American composer David Ari Leon who is well-known from his work on Marvel and Disney films including SPIDER MAN and INCREDIBLE HULK.

The ESA and the ESO are the foremost intergovernmental astronomy organizations in Europe and the some of the world’s most productive astronomical research institutes. The app users will also be provided with links to content produced by these organizations, where they can explore the cosmos further.

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We had the opportunity to check this out for ourselves and are impressed! My son loves Astronomy and I was blown away by the breath-taking animation! I highly recommend for children of all ages. My favorite thing is the star map that is shown through out the game and I loved learning or re-learning about the different myths. A must-have for any child who has a love of Astronomy and for those who don’t because maybe they just may want to learn more after viewing the story and playing the game.

Sneak Peaks available below!  Check out the Apple Store to purchase.

Self Disclosure: I received free codes to check out both the game and story apps but any opinions expressed are 100% truthful.


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