New 3D Pixel Construction Game – Tayasui BLOCKS


French Indie studio Tayasui has announced the release of Tayasui BLOCKS – a new app available on the Apple App store for FREE until the end of the week.

With Tayasui BLOCKS, children and their parents can push the boundaries of their imagination to create 3D objects and immerse themselves into a new virtual 3D construction game made of Blocks.

The concept of Tayasui Blocks is simple and opens up a world of infinite possibilities. Users can align and stack cubes on a blank canvas to create any 3D object they can imagine.

Are you in a creative rut? Find inspiration browsing a collaborative database of user creations and breathe life into imaginary worlds and characters, one cube at a time.

The interface features a 360° display system for total creative freedom.

Pricing and availability
Tayasui Blocks is a free app. Available for iOS on the App Store.
Download Tayasui Blocks


Credit: Tayasui Blocks. No compensation was received to post and no review was completed.

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