Navitas Naturals has the Best Snacks!

Cacao-Sweet-Nibs     Cashews

I love products from Navitas Naturals because they are healthier and they just taste good. I was excited to receive the Cacao Sweet Nibs which is Organic Sweet Raw Cacao Nibs and they are tasty! I love adding these to my cereal, yogurt, coffee and smoothies! They have a dark chocolate flavor and you can actually just eat them straight out of the bag. Yum! But, you can find recipes to use them in on their website.  They retail for $5.99. I also received the Cashew Nuts and they are Raw cashews and they are healthy and tasty too! I just love adding these to salads or just eating them out of the bag! They retail for $9.99. Cashews are a  great source of iron and are a really tasty snack!

To find these and many more healthy and delicious products, check out Navitas Naturals.

Self Disclosure:  I received samples for free but any opinions expressed are truthful. Photo Credit: Navitas Naturals.

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