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Summer is the perfect time for smoothies! And, what is better than a healthier smoothie? Earlier this summer, we reviewed some great healthy products from our new friends at Navitas Naturals. Such delicious products that were healthy and also tasted good. They also have powders that are great to add to smoothies and more. We received the Nori Powder (Sea Superfood) and found that we could add it easily to soups and many smoothie recipes. The bag  contains 100% pure nori powder that is certified organic, kosher, non-gmo, gluten-free and raw. Join the Smoothment!  Navitas Naturals has created the Smoothment-an interactive, multimedia program that features easy and delicious organic smoothie recipes plus advice from executive chef Julie Morris. The Smoothment aims to inspire people to upgrade the nutrtion of one mean or snack per day by adding an organic superfood smoothie into their daily routine.  I signed up and enjoyed reading about how to make a  Kids’ Berry Bonanza Smoothie. Yum!


Self Disclosure: I received a product to review but opinions are my own.





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