National Pancake Day is happening on February 27th!

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The Original Farmers Market

Du-par’s at The Original Farmers Market

No other pancakes can stack up against Du-par’s, quintessential diner at The Original Farmers Market. This legendary diner at Third & Fairfax has been serving up its Legendary Buttermilk Hot Cakes since 1938.. The family recipe is so treasured that the recipe is kept under lock and key! Reminder that Du-par’s is open 24 hours a day so the celebration can last alllll day and night long.


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Come as you are to West Hollywood’s modern-casual restaurant Granville. Prove that batter is always better and dive into the buttery Heavenly Hotcakes, three buttermilk pancakes served with pure maple syrup and the option to add brulee’d bananas, blueberries, or chocolate chips. If you’re in the mood to be extra fancy, order the Pumpkin Chai Hotcakes, topped with candied pecans and brulee’d orange or the Dutch Pancake, with your choice of prosciutto & gruyere or pure cane bacon & an egg.

Sounds pretty delicious to me!

Du-par’s at The Original Farmers Market and Granville.

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