National Mom’s Nite Out

I had the wonderful opportunity of hosting a National Mom’s Nite Out party earlier this month. It was leading up to Mother’s Day and was a lot of fun! There were only 6 of us (due to colds going around) but we still had so much fun. I loved the themed activities and recipes I received in my package and the MyPrintly Wine Glass Painting Craft Pack was my favorite!

20150507_185226     20150507_185408

I received some wonderful party supplies such as playing cards from Bicycle Cards and goodies from Chex, Daily’s Cocktails,Cheez-It, Pepperidge Farm and more.  My friends and I enjoyed making margaritas, eating snacks and painting Wine glasses!

20150509_204138    20150507_185434

The  Moms’ Night Out DVD was a hit too! Watching the DVD was how we ended the party.

Self Disclosure: Thank you to MyPrintly, Bicycle Playing Cards, Chex, and all other sponsors of National Mom’s Nite Out! Thank you MomSelect for this hosting opportunity.


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