My Favorite New Water Bottle!

MyBevi has so many choices!

Price: $13.00+
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MyBevi is your best friend this winter. It’s definitely my go-to water bottle, especially every time I go to the gym! I can leave my gym bag at home but not this water bottle! My favorite is the 18 oz. Clearview bottle. You can find it here.

What sets this brand apart from competitors is how easy it is to carry your phone, keys and a tumbler while on-the-go.

The collection offers stainless steel tumblers for everyone that are made to endure all weather conditions and activities. Get your coffee fix for the day or quench that thirst with ice-cold water.

I really am impressed with how well my water stays cold and this water bottle does not leak like many others I have tried.

Eco-conscious consumers will be glad to know that this small family business is doing its part to
provide sustainable solutions for a healthier future for our planet.

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Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this post. Images were also provided.

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