Must-Have Items for New Parents

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

As new parents get ready to welcome their new baby home, they might be wondering what the baby really needs in the first weeks at home. Of course, if they consult baby registry recommendations or inquire at a baby store, it will appear that the baby requires everything under the sun. Some parents desire all of the cool popular brands and gadgets that will make life easier for them and their babies. Some prefer to stick to the basics if they are on a budget or if they are new parents that are overwhelmed with the whole process. The following items will see new parents through the first few days and weeks without requiring any last-minute store visits or online shopping.

Baby Crib and Play Area

Many new parents do not immediately use a full-sized crib. However, once the baby outgrows the bassinet, they will probably need to be moved into a crib, so it is a good idea to buy one beforehand and have it set up, complete with a safe crib mattress. Around the age of three months, babies will require a play mat when they spend any time on their stomachs. However, parents should not worry that their child will outgrow their play gym; most of them can be used in children’s playrooms for years. New parents will see a lot of fancy bedding sets when they visit baby stores, but all they really need are around five fitted crib sheets and a few washable crib mattress pads. Some of them are even waterproof. Baby bedding sets often include pillows, bumpers, quilts, and soft blankets that should not be placed in the baby’s crib because they increase the risk of accidental suffocation.

Clothing and Layette

Although parents may want a few pretty outfits to show off their baby, the baby does not need anything posh in those first few weeks, so plain, simple, budget-friendly clothing will suffice. It is best to avoid buying too many newborn clothes because the baby will outgrow them quickly. At the same time, one will be changing outfits frequently because newborn clothing can get messy quickly. Parents should consider how often they plan to do laundry and what the weather will be like when their baby is born when making these purchase decisions.

Gear and Furniture

Many of us choose much more – a dresser, changing table, nursery gliders, bouncy seat, toy bin, baby swing, and so on – and adorning the baby’s room can be a highlight. New parents need a way to get around with their babies. Car seats are required, and hospitals will not release parents unless they have a correctly installed car seat. Avoid purchasing a used car seat, as tempting as it may be. Safety regulations have evolved, and parents need one that complies with all current regulations. Besides, individuals may not know if a used seat has been involved in a car accident and should no longer be used. A stroller or baby carrier is also great and necessary for many parents. An infant-only or convertible design with a lower weight limit is available for newborns.

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