Ice Age: Continental Drift – A Winner for the Younger Set

Want a film to take your younger kids to? This fourth installment in the “Ice Age” films delivers what I think your youngest kids will truly enjoy (5-10). It really makes great use of 3D technology with characters zooming towards us and away from us throughout the entire film. We are charmed by many of the same characters from the previous films – Manny the Mammoth voiced by Ray Romano, Sid the Sloth by John Leguizamo and Diego the saber-toothed tiger by Denis Leary. This crew is joined by a new host of characters including Manny’s wife played by Queen Latifah, their daughter played by the adorable Keke Palmer, Granny voiced by Wanda Sykes  and more. One of our youth critics, Julianna Noone (age 12) rated this film 5 out of 5 stars because “it is funny, well written and has a great message for the audience.” 

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