More Easter Goodies from PEEPS & Company

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You already know that I think that PEEPS are a Must-Have for Easter but did you know PEEPS & Company also have delicious Mike & Ike candy and Teenee Beanee brand jelly beans? Oh my! I received samples of both and they are also a Must-Have this Easter! They are all delicious but here are my ultimate favorites! The Teenee Beanee Island Coconut Gift Bag, which comes packed with 9 ounces of tropical coconut flavor jelly beans. This one would be great for Easter and actually for other occasions too!  The Teenee Beanee Country Retreats are also a hit! Think of jellybeans combined with mouth-watering dessert flavors like Peaches & Cream, Banana Cream Pie (my favorite!) and Strawberry Cheesecake! Another amazing fact is that they are all fat free! Yes, I do love these!

Now, Mike & Ike has always been a favorite in our house but did you know that Mike & Ike has Caramel Corn Clusters? I have to admit that I did not know this fact. I received a sample and oh my! This is now my favorite caramel corn! I don’t even have words to describe but I will tell you this…it didn’t last long in my house!

For these and so many more great candy products and gift suggestions, check out PEEPS & Company! 

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Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this special holiday feature.

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