More Christmas Gift Suggestions! Kids will love these games!

If you have a child that loves Minecraft, they will love the Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle from Thinkfun. This one is perfect for ages 8+. It includes:

  • 9 Magnetic Minecraft Items
  • Instruction Manual
  • Challenge Booklet containing 40 Beginner to Expert Challenges & Solutions

It can be found on

If you have a child who loves Dogs, this one is sure to be a hit! Dog Crimes is a great logic game for children 8+. It’s currently a bestseller on

This next one is for kids a little older. I recommend it for ages 13+. Escape the Room: The Cursed Dollhouse is a fun mystery type of game that would also be great for more than one player. The Objective: Build and explore a mysterious three-dimensional dollhouse complete with 3D furniture, solving puzzles in search of a way to escape. Five rooms, each containing objects to investigate and multiple puzzles to solve, will keep players engaged through two hours of play. It is also available on

Looking for a Twisty Brainteaser for children 8 and older? Moon Spinner is sure to be a hit! I like that this one really is quite unique and a lot of fun! Find it on

All of the above games are by ThinkFun.

Self Disclosure: I received the above games to facilitate this holiday feature. Images were also provided.

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