More books to read this Summer

 PT Runs Free written by Jason Kraus and illustrated by Connor DeHaan.

This inspirational story features real-life rescue dog PT, who now resides in Fort Myers, Florida, and his journey as a shelter dog to facing further adversity by losing a leg to finding his “furever” home with a powerful message he now delivers – to Never Give Up. This is a good book for kids to read this summer!

This picture book, based on a true story, shares the uplifting tale of PT the rescue dog. PT faces many challenges in life, but never gives up! With the powers of positivity and determination, he overcomes a neglectful family, life as a shelter dog and even the loss of his leg! Find out how the incredible three-legged rescue regains his ability to run free, all while educating and inspiring children in schools and community centers along the way.

The real PT who was found injured on the side of a road in Miami, FL is now living the good life with his forever family in Fort Myers, FL. As a therapy dog, PT goes to work every day with his parents, Joe and Angie, the owners of Apex Physical Therapy. PT serves as the clinic’s mascot, spreading kindness, and inspiring those in pain or recovering from challenges of their own. On his days off, PT teaches children about empathy and the importance of adopting rescue dogs still waiting to find their forever homes.

In addition to losing a leg, PT has also just recovered from another obstacle as he had ACL surgery on his remaining back leg. More than 6 million companion animals end up in shelters each year. A meaningful way to help animals in need is to purchase “PT Runs Free” so that PT’s message of Never Give Up can continue to benefit animals in need. All proceeds from the book with always be donated to foster and adoption-based animal rescues. Now, how cool is that?! I loved the inspirational story and recommend it for kids of all ages!

Readers can purchase at:

Amazon: PT Runs Free: Kraus, Jason, DeHaan, Connor: 9798218046088: Books

Barnes & Noble: PT Runs Free by Jason Kraus, Connor DeHaan, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

I love cats and dogs and I loved this one! It has more than 100+ hilarious animal comics in a colorfully illustrated book. It truly is a must for pet lovers! It made me laugh…a lot. I recommend this for older kids and also for adults. You can find it on

The Abide Guide Living Like Lebowski

Learn to live like a Lebowski with the ultimate guide to life from the founders of the Church of the Latter-Day Dude. This one was entertaining but I would recommend it for adults and older teens. I like that it has humor and seems to have an answer for nearly everything! It definitely is a fun summer read! You can find it on

Self Disclosure: I received free copies of the above books to feature. Cover images were also provided.

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