Moms & Acne: ZAPZYT Skin Care


Damaged skin, scarring, a lack in confidence and even depression are just a few of the symptoms that are associated with adult acne. Today, one in five women between the ages of 25 and 40 suffer from it.


From stress to hormonal influxes during or after pregnancy, there are a number of causes for breakouts in adults, but very few effective solutions. ZAPZYT offers one of them!


Using a variety of dermatologist-recommended formulas, ZAPZYT acne treatments are fast-acting, effective and are free of alcohol, fragrances and dyes. The line offers two cleansers – the ZAPZYT Acne Wash Cleanser and Pore Clearing Scrub, and two on-the-spot treatments – the ZAPZYT Acne Treatment Gel and Pore Treatment Gel, which features medications AND soothing botanicals to help heal and moisturize skin. Each product ranges from $4 to $9.

I received a sample and fortunately, I don’t often suffer from adult acne. I did have a friend try this one out for me though and she was quite impressed with how well it works. She liked that it didn’t leave her skin looking and feeling dry and flaky.

They are also currently offering  5$ off on their Pore Treatment Gel. Click here to find out more!

Self Disclosure: I received a free product to facilitate this featured post. Photo Credit: ZAPZYT.

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