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Optimal Growth Hormone levels improve your sleep, boost mental stamina and clarity, and promote muscle growth and strength. Although humans secrete the hormone naturally in the brain, you might still be having low levels in your blood circulation.

GH deficiency would then lead to complications such as increased muscle loss with age, poor sleep, or constant fatigue.

But listen,

Wouldn’t you want to get the most from your workouts or improve the quality of your life? I bet you would.


MK-677 is a peptide that many use to optimize their growth hormone levels. However, don’t let the scientific name intimidate you. Below you’ll discover what that drug is and how you can use it to improve your life. Read on.

What is MK-677?

Ibutamoren or MK-677 is a peptide that increases growth hormone secretion in users. The compound works by acting like the hormone ghrelin released naturally from the body to stimulate hunger. Ghrelin regulates pleasure, mood, circadian rhythm, memory, and cognition. Therefore, taking MK-677 can affect the same functions. Moreover, the hormone works, more importantly, to promote growth hormone secretion by stimulating the ghrelin receptors in the brain (GHRH).

Benefits of Using MK-677

Most people use MK-677 in treating growth hormone deficiency to stimulate better sleep and slow down aging. Moreover, athletes in the body-building world use it to enhance muscle growth, reduce muscle loss through wasting, and increase bone density.

1.   Enhance Muscle Growth

MK-677 helps build and maintain lean muscle by stimulating growth hormone and IGF-1 secretion. Those hormones play an essential role in increasing muscle size and strength. And to achieve that effect, experts recommend taking the compound once a day. Also, note that the results depend on the exercise intensity and whether the doctor has diagnosed you with other health problems.

2.   Reduce Muscle Loss Through Wasting

Studies show that using MK-677 can help reduce protein catabolism, which is the body’s way of utilizing protein from muscles to release energy. A reduced protein intake in the diet or extended periods of fasting can cause that condition.

3.   Increases Bone Density

Increased bone mineral density boosts the body’s strength and helps prevent osteoporosis. Several studies support that MK-677 aids to prevent fractures, back pain, stooped posture, and height loss in obese, older adults, and post-menopausal women.

4.   Promotes Better Sleep

Ibutamoren helps improve REM sleep duration and sleep quality by stimulating growth hormone production, which regulates that process.

5.   Slows Down Aging

Growth hormone deficiency is common with advancing age, and it leads to a decline in Quality of Life (QoL), increased heart disease risk, and a decline in strength. Therefore, to prevent that health deterioration, taking MK-677 helps stimulate Growth Hormone release, thus managing old age better.

6.   Improved Mental Performance

MK-677 helps improve cognitive capabilities indirectly by promoting high-quality sleep. That therapeutic benefit occurs because sleep is essential in helping the brain rest and clear out the clutter encountered during the day. The improved mental performance may also be due to MK-677 stimulating IGF-1 release, a proven nootropic.

7.   Treatment of Low Growth Hormone in Patients

Ibutamoren can increase GH levels in children with low levels of the hormone. MK-677 stimulates that function without altering prolactin, triiodothyronine (T3), thyroxine (T4), thyrotropin, or cortisol. However, some studies show that patients have experienced increased insulin and glucose levels.

Side Effects of Using MK-677

The MK-677 peptide is a tolerable compound in the human body. But users who took wrong dosages or used the drug for long reported side effects. Moreover, Ibutamoren also negatively affected users with insulin sensitivity or diabetes. Therefore, consult a trusted physician to help you use MK-677 in a way that doesn’t put your health at risk.

Researchers also related that abnormally high Growth Hormone levels caused the side effects. And therefore, drug abusers are likely to experience increased hunger, joint pain, insulin resistance, increased prolactin levels, lethargy, and tiredness.


Growth hormone deficiency leads to tiredness throughout the day, low muscle growth, and faster aging. And that downside can occur even after working out and eating a good diet. Fortunately, you can optimize GH levels by undertaking therapy with the MK-677 peptide. The compound works by mimicking Ghrelin’s action, and through Ghrelin receptors, MK-677 thus promotes the secretion of Growth Hormone.

Increasing Growth Hormone levels in your blood circulation helps with muscle building and increases bone density, thereby promoting athletic performance. Moreover, you also get improved cognitive performance due to sleep-enhancing activities. The peptide helps you with all those benefits without any significant risk to your health unless you misuse or abuse it.

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