Meet Bumpas – A Huggable, Weighted Friend Waiting For Your Love

These are a must!

Bumpas are a new line of weighted, plush toy friends from the co-creators of Ugly Dolls. 

Weighted plush has taken over where weighted blankets have left off!  And the weight of this plush doll (nearly 3 pounds!) creates deep pressure stimulation which can help promote a sense of security, reduce stress and anxiety — even improve sleep quality for kids. . . and their parents! 

They’re literally designed to hug you! Their arms are perfectly sized to give realistic-feeling embraces and hold together to hold onto the wearer.  They even have eyes on the back of their head to keep the wearer “protected and safe!” 

Whether it is used during homework, home relaxing after school, or to simply watch a movie with, Bumpas are there as an emotional support friend! They totally tap into the growing MESH (Mental Emotional Social Health) trend in toys right now, too.

I highly recommend Bumpas! I recently gave mine to a little girl I babysit, and she loves it!

Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this post. Images were also provided.

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