Meet Bbuddieez!


It’s here: The collectible toy that doesn’t alienate genders or ages and is fun for every member of the family!

I really think that this is so cool because it is for both boys and girls and is well..pretty cool! I like that they are different than many other toy collectibles that I have seen out there! 

Bbuddieez are an adorable collectable that you can play with, decorate your room with, wear anywhere you can imagine, AND collect and trade with your friends.

 Bbuddieez started as a dream to create fun, collectible characters that are entertaining for both little brother and big sister! There are characters for everyone, from the goofy monster characters like Apenstein and Zombit to the more cutesy ones like Lottie LOL and Blaberry.

With Bbuddieez, Jupiter Creations has introduced a wearable, collectible product that caters to every child’s natural creative instincts, allowing full immersion in the playtime experience!

 In addition to their collectability, Bbuddieez have over 20 possible games you can play with one set, and the instructions for these fun games are listed on their website! Bbuddieez also has entertaining stop-motion videos that bring their characters to life, and a new app is in development that will bring the fun right to your device.

I actually think that children ages 4-9 will love the toys and I also recommend checking out the website!

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this post. Images and info were also provided. 

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