Mama Luma has cute Face Masks for your little ones!

They also have cute dresses too!

If you are looking for really cute dresses for your little girl, you have to check out Mama Luma. They also have some adorable patterned face masks for kids. I received a few samples of the masks and I highly recommend them!

Mama Luma has the perfect clothing options to capture memories from family photos to back-to-school or just an outing with your loved ones.

About Mama Luma: Mama Luma was started by co-founders and former college roommates Kevin and Ata. Ata wanted to bring his mother’s designs to life in California and believed that by blending the natural beauty of Santa Barbara with the elegance of European tradition and Mediterranean prints, he could inspire a new wave of chic fashion into the younger generations on the West Coast. With the help of his resources in Istanbul, Turkey, he and Kevin diligently worked to bring these hand-sewn, high fashion masterpieces to the world. 
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Self Disclosure: I received free samples of Face Masks to feature. Image was also provided.

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