Making Family Memories in a Very Unique Way

Over a year ago, three mothers saw a growing need for togetherness in today’s world and decided to create a product that would unite a family much like a team: Matching swimwear! PETIT LIMOI™ was created as an innovative brand to channel the pure, fun energy of little ones into fashion and letting parents play along with them. It was designed to promote family identity and the importance of making family bonding experiences.

The swimwear designs are youthful and modern, making them ideal for both children and grown ups. Their exclusive prints are inspired by nature and life combining small intricate details and bright lively colors. They offer two different fabrics to achieve a unified family look. Both fabrics are produced and printed with the highest quality. Each product is specifically made with the consumer in mind. Men’s and boy’s trunk are soft and comfortable while women’s and girl’s have more elasticity and are extra soft.


The importance of family is in the core of everything PETIT LIMOI™ makes. Because of this, its founders, since the beginning, have sponsored a little girl through the World Vision Organization. Their goal is to sponsors as many kids as possible as the brand grows, making the PETIT LIMOI™ family grow stronger!

PETIT LIMOI™’s revolutionary and meaningful concept has translated into organic growth and local success. Now it is time to take it to the next level! To do so, the partners have decided to create a Kickstarter campaign that will be launched on 10/06/15 for a period of 30 days. The money raised will be used for bigger distribution, smarter production and expanded sales outlets.

Self Disclosure: No compensation was received to post. No samples were received at this time and no review was completed. Credit: PETIT LIMOI™.


  1. I love these swimsuits, were can I get them?

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