Make Grocery Shopping Easier!

I am a big believer in using reusable bags so I am quite excited to tell you about the Lotus Trolley Bag! This will make your life really will! These aren’t your average reusable bags and I like that they are also really compact and don’t take up as much room in my car! The Lotus Trolley Bag can be found on Amazon and it is a 4 bag system that spreads out in your cart at checkout for easier, greener and more organized shopping.

Now, how cool does that sound? Pair them with the reusable Lotus Produce Bag and you will have an eco-friendly bagging system and I have to admit, I felt quite stylish as I hit the local grocery store!

What an easy way to be #plasticfree! These are so simple to use. The Velcro handles attach to the grocery cart handle so you can hang your bags there while you shop! TAPERED IN SIZE to fit the carts, so make sure to have the purple bag in the BACK and the beige bag in the front.

Here are a few more tips:
-RODS ARE REMOVABLE – Our newest version has fully removable rods making the bags perfect for beach days or being on-the-go.
-SMALLER CHAIN STORES do not have conveyor belts, give the full cart to the cashier and grab an empty cart for an easy seamless check-out!-SPREAD OUT THE WEIGHT – Each bag can hold over 70 lbs. but its best to spread out heavy items so that each bag does not get too heavy to lift easily.
-LIFT THEM FROM THE RODS (instead of the handles) to place in your car – if bags are nice and full this makes it more ergonomic to lift the weight and transport.

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Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this featured post. Images were also provided.

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