“Mad Dogs” by I.B. Gumnut and “The Perfect Place for Toodles” by Barbara Pierce

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Do you have children and a pet dog or cat? If so, your younger children will love these two books! Even if they don’t have pets yet..these are delightful stories with fun illustrations.

In “Mad Dogs,” Gumnut tells the colorful story of two sheepdogs, Red and Blue, who take a motorbike out for a spin after a long day of herding sheep in the Australian Outback. Inspired by Gumnut’s pet dog, Lady, who often enjoys riding on the front of his motorbike with him, “Mad Dogs” encourages children to retain their sense of adventure after the day’s work is done.

In “The Perfect Place for Toodles,” Pierce promotes paw-sitive pet parenting through stray kitten Toodles and his journey through adoption, growth and ultimate independence. Toodles’ story relays the important message to children that having a pet requires great responsibility, and that they, too, have needs and feelings.

I received copies of both books and recommend them for children ages 4-8. They are easy to read and fun to read. I love that they both have meaningful lessons for young children to learn such as pets are a responsibility in Toodles.

You can purchase at the following:

“Mad Dogs” : Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Balboa Press
“The Perfect Place for Toodles” : Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Xlibris
Self Disclosure: I received free copies of these books to facilitate this post. I recommend both.

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