Local Southern California Pop/Rock Band, Adam’s Attic Shoot Their Music Video


Adam’s Attic, the Southern California based pop/rock band, continues to enjoy a busy summer attending film premieres and performing for live audiences while expanding their national and international presence. On September 13, members of Adam’s Attic, Thomas Barsoe, Michel Copeland Toft, and Mehdi Avaz spent the day shooting the music video of “Silver Moon,” a pop, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) single from the band’s summer album, “Can Anybody Hear Me.” The video was primarily shot in Newport Beach and Laguna Beach, CA.


The group of talented musicians is on a course that will only take them into loftier heights. Last month, Mehdi Avaz of Balloon Film was enlisted for the project by Adam’s Attic’s producer, Thomas Barsoe of OC Hit Factory in Orange County, CA. The Danish music video producer, Avaz, and cinematographer, Michel Copeland Toft, flew into Southern California from Copenhagen for the shoot. Watch the “Silver Moon” music video teaser on YouTube. Check it out below! My son and I just love it! We give it a thumbs up! We can’t wait to see the entire video! This is the band to keep an eye on!

Avaz’s creativity is seen in the “Fast & Furious” inspired music video. Newport Beach and Laguna Beach provide the perfect Orange County beach setting for the “Silver Moon” lyrics, “You’re Bonnie. I’ll be Clyde. We’ll steal each other’s lives. We’ll be notorious, glamorous, always ready, armed, and dangerous. Victorious, glorious by the time the cops catch us, we’ll be famous.”


In two years, Balloon Film has become the fastest growing film and production house in Denmark producing commercials, music videos, documentaries, short films, and live performances within the Scandinavian kingdom. At the time of the “Silver Moon” music video shooting, Balloon Film was on its sixth U.S. production in nine days. Balloon Film is making the most of its time stateside to duplicate its business model in North America.


The band’s release of “Can Anybody Hear Me” received features in local and national publications, invitations for performances on TV shows, and album reviews from bloggers. After appearing and performing on KSCI-TV, LA-18, the “Halo Halo with Kat Iniba” Host, Katherine Iniba, remarked, “Adam’s Attic’s debut album, ‘Can Anybody Hear Me,’ hooks you from the very first track with their beautiful, captivating music and sincere, emotional lyrics to the very end.  I caught myself listening to their album on repeat.  The fact that they’re genuinely nice, down to earth guys was an added plus.”  The album is available at all major digital retailers including iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/can-anybody-hear-me/id885639896


Earlier this year, screenplay writer, Chaun Domingue, approached the band about music for his original screenplay, “The Conversation.”  After listening to the “Can Anybody Hear Me” album, Domingue decided to place eleven songs from the group’s catalogue in his upcoming project and retitle the feature film to “A Night without Armor,” which was the sixth track on the band’s EP “Skylines and City Lights” (2008). Filming is scheduled to begin on November 7. The single, “A Night without Armor,” is also highlighted at the opening and end credits in the documentary film, “The Price of Honor.” The documentary’s Northern California premiere is scheduled for Saturday, October 25.


With no plans of slowing down, the band has a full calendar for the remainder of the year. On Sunday, October 26, Adam’s Attic will be performing for runners and walkers at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Halloween Half Marathon & 5K.  The group is also a nominee at the 5th Annual Hollywood Music in Media Awards under the Pop genre for their single track “Silver Moon.”  The event will be held at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles on November 4.


In the coming months, the “Silver Moon” video will be programmed on television, at outdoor malls, major department stores, retail outlets, fast-food chains, casinos, cruise lines, and hotel. “We are thrilled to hold an exclusive premiere for our fans and share the ‘Silver Moon’ music video,” says Joe Henry the lead vocalist for the band. Event details will be announced soon.


About Adam’s Attic: Adam’s Attic is an internationally touring pop/rock band originally hailing from New Orleans, LA, and now residing and making music in Orange County, CA. The band just released their first full-length album, “Can Anybody Hear Me” (2014), with Danish Co-Producers Thomas Barsoe and Philip Halloun.

Adam's Attic - Album Cover - Can Anybody Hear Me - 300 dpi.jpg

I received the CD “Can Anybody Hear Me” to review and my son and I now are big fans! The music is just beautiful (my words) and is also really cool! (My son’s words) The lyrics are amazing and I really can’t say which song on the CD is my favorite! I really like the title song “Can Anybody Hear Me” but I also really like the songs “Love Will Be The Way” and “Silver Moon.” The one thing that really shines through are the emotional lyrics. They are so easy to relate to and like I said, the music  is beautiful! It’s not often that I receive a CD to review that I know I will want to listen to over and over! I can finally say I have found one with “Can Anybody Hear Me.”

 Adam's Attic 2013 Official Photo 

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Photo Credit: Adam’s Attic.

Self Disclosure: I received a CD for free to facilitate this feature. 


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