Local Bags That Give Back! Frazey’s Animal Rescue Bags!


Calling all pet lovers! October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month and this is a great way to help our furry friends in need. Each year, 8 million pets enter shelters, and the team behind Frazey’s Animal Rescue Bags is committed to getting pets out of shelters, off the streets and into loving homes. Frazey’s Animal Rescue Bags, a Los Angeles company, are reusable and recyclable, and 50% of the bag proceeds are donated to animal charities and rescue groups.

Named after a loveable rescue dog named Frazey, a 12 year-old Aussie/Paillion mix, any recipient of a Frazey’s Animal Rescue Bag will be considered a “rescue angel,” and who wouldn’t consider that their good deed of the day? Halo not included.

A few reasons to love Frazey’s:

-At $4 per bag, Frazey’s Bags are affordable and charitable

-50% of the profits go to animal charity/rescue groups

-The bags are 100% recyclable, washable and reusable

-Frazey’s bags are extremely durable yet ultra lightweight, and they fold up small enough to fit in your pocket

-De-clutter your reusable bag collection and simplify with Frazey’s Bags, they take up very little space compared to other bags.

For more information or to purchase a Frazey’s Animal Rescue Bag, visit www.Frazeys.com.

I received a couple of these bags and just love them! 

I love them mainly because they support a great cause!  But, besides that…they are washable, reusable and really lightweight. My son loves the design! He loves all cats and dogs!


We have teamed up for a Giveaway! In the comments below, tell us why you love your pet and you can enter to win a complete set of five durable, eco-friendly Frazey’s Animal Rescue Bags! Deadline to enter is October 14th, 2014 at noon PST. One winner will randomly be selected via Random.org.

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this feature. Photo Credit: Frazey’s.





  1. We love our bearded dragon because he is cool. Also he is the only pet we have at the moment.

  2. I love my cat Missy…she is so sweet, and greets me everyday when I come home from work!!! She is always so Happy to see me.

  3. My dog is a part of our family! My son and I just love him!

  4. Congrats K!

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