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Letters from Santa (www.easyfreesantaletter.com), provides parents a simple way to create beautiful, personalized letters from Santa that can be printed instantly. Available in both a free and low-cost Magical Package version ($3.99) ,
Did I say personalized? That is an understatement! In addition to 16 gorgeous Letter designs, there are 13 highly personalized messages! The Letters are full of special details only Santa could know, and address a multitude of worries that little ones might have.

Santa eases the concerns of children that Santa won’t find them because they will be on vacation at Christmas time, because they have moved that year, or even because they don’t have a chimney. Santa soothes the little hearts of children whose families are living apart, or who have military family members that can’t make it home for Christmas. Santa even addresses specific gift requests, celebrates the little one’s big accomplishments, and commemorates Baby’s First Christmas.

In addition to these very special Letters from Santa, when you purchase a Magical Letter from Santa, it comes as part of a package which includes 2 envelopes, a lovely personalized printable Official Nice List Certificate (spectacular when printed out on heavy paper), a beautiful printable autographed photo from old St. Nick himself, and a 27-page printable Coloring& Activity Book!

But that’s not all…this year they have added a set of 16 adorable printable Christmas Lunchbox Jokes!

To sweeten the deal, they even have extra freebies on their website…from jokes, to printable gift tags and labels, to coloring pages, as well as an awesome Free printable Official Letter to Santa! It is perfect for your little people to write or draw their biggest wishes to the big guy himself!

They also have a BOGO offer …all you need to do is sign up for their newsletter on their website homepage, and you will get a free coupon code for your second Magical Letter from Santa Package!

Once you have received your coupon code via email, all you need to do is enter the code into the coupon code space before you pay for your first Magical Letter from Santa Package! Then, after your first purchase, make your new letter using the same email address, and enter the code into the coupon code space once again, and voila! Your second Magical Letter from Santa Package is provided free of charge! Make sure to enter the BOGO code for the first letter as well as the second.
To make the letters, just go in and make your Magical Letter from Santa, then enter the code when prompted. You will see that the links to download your Letter and goodies are available on the website right away. I would encourage you to download them directly off the site, as there is the rare occasion that the email is delayed, and that is no fun! In addition, people have very robust security systems these days, and they are sometimes blocked as spam and not delivered!  Enjoy!!
We have teamed up for a giveaway!! We have 5 FREE codes to giveaway to the first 5 people who enter! Leave a comment below and “like” their Facebook Page! Deadline to enter is December 12, 2013 or until there are the first 5! 
Self Disclosure: I received free codes to facilitate this feature/giveaway!


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