Let’s save! New and simple ways you can save extra money this month

Think about saving money, and it’s easy to think of missing out on the things you love, getting stressed and eventually giving up! However, saving doesn’t really have to be like that. All it takes to save a little more money each month is a little restraint and tweaking your habits here and there.

Whether you want to build your credit rating, save for a holiday, a house deposit or maybe you want to tackle your debts – if you’re struggling with debts then perhaps you could benefit from some help from Creditfix – saving money each month is the only answer. Here we’ll look at some new and simple ways you can save extra money this month.

Take the work out of saving

Work out how much you can afford to set aside each month and have that amount transfer automatically into another savings account or ISA. If you don’t have to physically move the money each month, you won’t even realise that you’re saving, and you won’t find excuses not to transfer the money!

Check before you shop

We’ve all been there: hit the supermarket then wondered if we already have some of the items you need at home. You’re unsure so you buy them anyway. Only to find you have the items in abundance and they’re all at risk of going out of date if you don’t eat them fast. This kind of disorganisation creates a huge amount of food waste and isn’t kind to your bank balance. Before you shop, go through your pantry/fridge/freezer and check what you have.

Make your own gifts

Birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas are expensive occasions. So, be kinder to your budget by making your own gifts. Handmade gifts are unique and are usually better received than something that’s been shop bought.

Say goodbye to subscriptions

Subscription boxes, magazines, online resources and streaming services. If you don’t use them or want them – cancel them as soon as possible. You’re just throwing money away!

Kick the takeaway habit

A takeaway is a well-earned weekend treat – you deserve it! However, if you’re ordering takeaway several times a week then you’re not only wasting money on the food you have the fridge, but you’re also spending an extortionate amount on your habit. Try replicating your favourite takeaway dish instead or stick to one takeaway a week!

Save your tax refunds

There’s nothing more exciting than getting a tax rebate/refund in the mail. It’s tempting to spend it on something special, but you should save it instead to boost your funds!

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