Let’s Get Ready for Super Bowl!


No doubt about it! Super Bowl is a time for yummy foods, hosting a party or attending a party or BBQ. But, food safety is also something to keep in mind! I’m actually making Tacos and yummy chili! I can’t wait for the fun day even though my favorite teams aren’t playing this year. 😉 What are your favorite dishes? Leave a comment below telling us! We would love to hear!

But, also keep in mind When planning your game menu, it’s important to remember that Super Bowl parties often involve finger foods, a lot of people sharing communal dishes and treats that are left out for long period of time—all which can be a recipe for disaster. The Food Safe Families campaign is offering tips on FoodSafety.gov to help you throw a winning Super Bowl Party.


FoodSafety.gov highlights the FOUR SIMPLE STEPS TO FOOD SAFETY: Clean, Separate, Cook, Chill. These basic actions include cleaning the food well, keeping potential contaminates separated, cooking meats thoroughly and chilling uneaten portions.

The following guests are partnering with the USDA and the Ad Council’s Food Safe Families campaign to remind you to make food safety a big priority on game day!

First, Rebel Chef Terry French, winner of Food Network’s Extreme Chef and Owner of Culinary Dreams is turning up the heat with recipes he’s learned from his travels around the world. No matter where his travels take him, he is always in search of adventure and the best ingredients available to create the most daring and passionate culinary experiences and to do it safely.

Martie Duncan of MartieKnowsParties.com and Season 8 of Food Network Star is also here to remind you to make food safety a big priority on game day!

Martie Duncan created a wonderful Super Bowl Food Safety Video you can see here that highlights all the important ways to keep out of foodborne illness troubles: http://youtu.be/zeK85i5dyvg

Self Disclosure: Sponsored feature by FoodSafety.gov.



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