Last-Minute Gift Suggestions

Holiday shopping this month?  December can be a stressful time as far as finances go. Need some help with working on your gift-giving budget? Here’s a helpful tip! The monthly budget template we use will be quite helpful for this busy holiday season! Now on to the gift suggestions!

Looking for a fun game for the older kids? This is a game that is sure to be a great gift for them! Carpool Karaoke game from Big G is fun for ages 12+ and is a lot of fun! Using your favorite music app or streaming service, select a song and then duel other players in song, dance moves, or celebrity trivia for points.  It can be found at Target and on

Is there someone on your list that loves Emojis?

The first emoji® bobbleheads feature four unique designs and come individually packaged in collector boxes. The bobbleheads are $20 each or $80 for the set of 5 and shipping is a flat rate of $8.

Today, there are over 17,000 official emoji® brand icons available from the emoji company.

The official emoji® brand icon library represents everything from objects, expressions, people and animals.

The emoji® brand has been depicted in a wide variety of merchandise items including apparel, stationary, home & living products and now emoji® bobbleheads.

Limited Edition emoji bobbleheads are now available exclusively from the National Bobblehead HOF and Museum

The next few gift ideas would be perfect for Mom! I had the opportunity to try them all and they are definitely on the top of my list!

Atmosphere Soy Candles  – Manage your environment. Manage your mood. Create your own environment with Demeter Atmosphere fragrances. Each day, everywhere. Set the mood with scents ranging from powdery soft to decadent chocolate, from floral to woody notes, from soft sea breezes to tropical fruits, alone or in combination. Demeter’s collection of scented travel candles offers long-lasting fragrances that envelop your space with candlelight ambiance. I recommend the Honeysuckle fragrance!
Holiday Classics Diffuser Set (MSRP $45.00) – Bring the holidays HOME and make everyday a warm, inviting, festive memory with these beautiful, holiday-inspired Demeter Diffuser Oils. Our set of three 4 oz Diffuser Oils will capture you with their individual allure, and enhance any atmosphere for months to come. Christmas Tree, Snow and Egg Nog
2019 Holiday Sampler Set  (MSRP $19.00) – Put a little holiday in your life anytime and anywhere with 8 great holiday inspired scents to enjoy and share. They’ve collected our favorite holiday inspired scents for you to enjoy and share in 5mL cologne sprays” Christmas in NY, Mistletoe, Frankincense, Myrrh, Christmas Tree, Sugar Cookie, Gingerbread, Sugar Plum
Bangle & Babe
A great gift or stocking stuffer, Bangle & Babe is a fun and functional gift. This bracelet key ring is designed to easily slip onto your wrist, while still being flexible enough to fit in your pocket or purse. The bangle is designed to hold its shape when in use and can easily be manipulated to fit in small spaces. Made of food-grade silicone, the durable nonporous material is easily wiped clean or sanitized. Bangle & Babe is perfect for everyone from tweens searching the bottom of their backpack for their keys after school to busy new moms to those with walking aids who need their personal items close at hand. Available in a variety of fun, trendy and bright colors, as well as a modern bamboo design. Less than $20;
Akita Watchdog – the first SMART gift you should give

Do you have smart devices? This next one would make the perfect gift! Smart devices are sure to be received this holiday so Akita Watchdog should also be included as a gift choice!

When hackers find their way into Smart devices, they have an open window to connect to bank accounts, computer files, financial information–all their complex IoT systems.  And you may not even realize it is happening.
The Akita watchdog device is the first gift you should give to people with smart devices.  It connects to a LAN port on any home router (not inline) and detects any unwanted crypto-activity or break-in attempts into the network.  It blocks them immediately so no hacker can exploit a home network.  It is available on Amazon and retails for about $135.00.

I had the opportunity to try this one out and it is a real relief to not be worried about hackers! Check it out at

Looking for something unique for the men in your life? SpenceUp – are suspenders made of silk ties!  Now, that is pretty unique!

Fan of Spence Up – Jason Priestley
The photo was provided for use in the post.

With the Holiday Season here there is always the search for what to get that special someone in your life.  We are always looking for something unique, something that has the wow factor and something that will not break the bank!  With that said; SpenceUp one of the coolest and trendiest but still classy and very fashionable new men’s accessories is on the scene.  SpenceUp – are suspenders made of silk ties!  One-of-a-kind and ideal for any man in your life (even women have fun with these), are truly fun to wear and talk about a conversation starter.  Made to be worn with or without a suit jacket or even with jeans and casual T-Shirt, these suspenders definitely have the wow factor and will impress.  They are ideal for holiday gift giving – boxed or in a stocking stuffer, you can’t go wrong with these.  Priced at $50 – they are budget friendly too.

This next one would make another great gift, especially for Mom! Lasso
Another great stocking stuffer…. Keep necklaces from getting tangled and save time thanks to Lasso. This smart product is perfect for safely traveling with your necklaces, storing your jewelry while on the go or organizing your necklaces at home. Lasso is a real problem solver and puts an end to this common frustration. It’s easy to use, accommodates a variety of chain lengths, can secure more than one necklace at a time, can store rings and small earrings inside the barrel and, as a bonus Lasso, it can be used to wrap your earbud cords and charger cords. Lasso easily fits inside purses and travel bags, is made of shatterproof, BPA-free Tritan and it is proudly made in the USA.

Looking for the perfect watch for someone on your list? How about customizing a watch? Nixon Introduces New Custom Experience! They’ve taken their customization process and made you feel even more at home by bringing new experiences to our online Custom Shop. With two new models and additional new designs, you can now create your one-of-one even down to the second hand. I love all the choices and how easy the whole online process is. I had the opportunity to customize my own watch and I highly recommend! Find a store near you or online at

Photo Credit: SoCal City Kids

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this holiday gift guide. Images and information were also provided.

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