Kiehl’s personalized skincare available in Kiehl’s stores nationwide

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Kiehl’s is proud to announce that its Apothecary Preparations personalized, in-store-only service, will be fully available in all Kiehl’s retail stores, as of October 2017.


Previously only available in select stores nationwide, Apothecary Preparations is truly personalized skincare featuring potent concentrates that address an individual’s unique skin concerns.


This innovation is amongst the first in the skincare industry to bring bespoke skincare to the masses. This industry achievement is comprised of Kiehl’s Skin Strengthening Concentrate, plus two, individually selected Targeted Complexes. These pharmaceutical meets herbal concentrates feature a blend of advanced ingredients and are specifically selected for each customer’s skin.  Through an elevated consultation and diagnosis, customers are able to craft a personalized formula based on their two most significant skin concerns.  Option include: redness, wrinkles, rough texture, large pores and dullness.


Once the Targeted Complexes are selected and the consultation is complete, the Apothecary Preparation’s components are enclosed in a personalized box for the customer, who then mixes them at home prior to first application. The result is a highly potent, tailor-made skincare treatment.


“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to go back to our apothecary roots with the introduction of Apothecary Preparations,” shares Chris Salgardo, Kiehl’s US President. We’ve always been committed to a high level of customer service, but with Apothecary Preparations, we can elevate that experience even more by giving customers a deeper understanding of their unique skin concerns and needs while delivering a completely personalized facial concentrate they can activate themselves.”



Step 1: Diagnosis With the use of a dermatologist-inspired Skin Atlas, customers are guided by the KCR to assess and rank the severity of their skin concerns. The result of this consultation informs the KCR’s selection of the two essential Targeted Complexes that will comprise the customer’s unique formula.


“Over the years we’ve encountered countless women and men who are searching for the most efficacious solution for their unique skincare needs,” shared Cammie Cannella, VP of Global Education, who developed the Apothecary Preparations consultation. “Through our research, including skincare consultations with millions of customers over the years, we’ve determined that addressing an individual’s top two concerns with one uniquely targeted and potent serum will provide the most effective, personalized skincare solution possible, thereby meeting the needs of even our most discerning customers.”  




“Our Skin-Strengthening Concentrate is composed of a 35% concentration of Squalane and a Skin Lipid Complex at 20%, which within the formula fortifies, hydrates and helps protect the barrier for healthier skin,” notes Dr. Geoff Genesky, Kiehl’s Head Chemist. “This powerful special blend of efficacious yet gentle ingredients has been clinically validated to strengthen the skin barrier after just one hour of use.” 


Squalane: A signature Kiehl’s ingredient, Squalane is a botanical lipid derived from the Olive fruit that is highly compatible with the naturals oils present in skin. Within the formula, the Squalane present at a 35% level is approximately 13 times higher than its natural level found in sebum.  This ingredient is used for its protecting capacity on skin’s barrier as well as for its safety and stability profile.  Squalane has emollient characteristics as well, coating the surface of the skin and helping it maintain moisture[1],[2],[3]. It also has an essential ability to soften and smooth skin without irritation and is free of greasy residues.


Skin Lipid Complex: Also included in Kiehl’s Skin-Strengthening Concentrate is the complementary Skin Lipid Complex, containing a blend of botanical oils (including apricot, coriander, black currant, and echium oils) that are rich in unsaturated fatty acids to offer essential emolliency, skin replenishment and hydration. This highly efficacious concentrate ensures that skin is stronger and more resistant to damage.




Each Kiehl’s Targeted Complex is formulated to address a customer’s specific skin concern. Key ingredients in the Targeted Complexes have been selected for their efficacy and their lipo-soluble nature. They are highly potent and bring powerful efficacy to the finished product.


Important Note: The Kiehl’s Targeted Complexes are so potent, they should not be individually applied directly to skin. Dilution in the Skin Strengthening Concentrate assures both optimal efficacy and skin tolerance.


WRINKLE REDUCING COMPLEX with Retinol Concentrate & Pro-Retinol


Vitamin A (Retinol): This well-known “gold standard” anti-aging ingredient is known to increase skin density. Kiehl’s Wrinkle Reducing Complex containing retinol, which has been clinically tested to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.



Pro-retinol (Vitamin A Palmitate): Healthy skin naturally stores Vitamin A for later use in the form of Pro-Retinol.[4],[5] In fact, Retinyl Palmitate is the major form of Vitamin A found in the epidermis. When needed, Pro-Retinol is converted into Retinol to help fight skin aging and diminish the appearance of wrinkles.


Wrinkle Reducing Complex Clinical Results:

  • Fine lines: This formula achieved statistically significant improvement of fine lines at 4 weeks. This improvement continued, as the reduction in fine lines doubled between weeks 4 and 8.
  • Wrinkles: Between weeks 2 and 4, the clinical improvement in the appearance of wrinkles tripled, and this improvement quadrupled between weeks 4 and 8.




Vitamin F: This unsaturated fatty acid blend including glyceryl oleate, glyceryl linoleate and glyceryl linolenate helps skin maintain barrier protection and proper skin hydration, resulting in the improvement of skin texture and smoothness.


LHA (Lipohydroxy Acid): This derivative of Salicylic Acid targets the protein bonds between dead skin cells to help them slough off at a faster rate. Its precise and gentle cell-by-cell exfoliation mechanism is different than many other acids that tend to be harsher. LHA’s action is associated with smoother and more refined skin texture.[6],[7],[8]


Texture Refining Complex Clinical Results:

  • This formula achieved statistically significant results in the overall appearance of skin quality at week 2.
  • This improvement continued, as the overall appearance of skin quality nearly tripled between weeks 2 and 4.


VISIBLE REDNESS NEUTRALIZING COMPLEX with Sunflower Seed Extract & Vitamin E


Sunflower Seed Oil Extract: Obtained by molecular distillation, a delicate extraction and purification process, Kiehl’s sunflower seed oil is extremely rich in essential fatty acids, such as linoleic acid. This oil also contains phytosterols and tocopherols. An in-vivo study has shown that this ingredient helps reduce visible skin redness and dryness.


Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol): Extracted from cultivated crops including soybean and sunflower seeds, Vitamin E has been shown to prevent the formation of pro-redness molecules through its antioxidant properties[9].


Visible Redness Neutralizing Complex Clinical Results:

  • This formula achieved statistically significant results in the reduction of skin redness at 2 weeks.
  • This improvement continued, as the reduction in appearance of skin redness more than tripled between weeks 2 and 4.


PORE MINIMIZING COMPLEX with Samphira Extract & Salicylic Acid


Samphira Oil: Sourced from the samphire plant, which grows on the rocks of coastal France, this oil is obtained by a unique extraction process from the plant that preserves the functionality of the ingredient. Clinical data has shown that this oil helps to reduce the appearance of sebum on skin. Formulas featuring this ingredient have demonstrated a reduction in the appearance of pores.[10],[11],[12]


Salicylic Acid: A prominent, well-known skincare ingredient, salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy acid that functions as a mild skin exfoliator, removing excess sebum and dead skin cells[13]. Formulas containing this ingredient have been shown to reduce the appearance of pores.


Pore Minimizing Complex Clinical Results:

  • This formula achieved statistically significant results in the reduction of pore size appearance and shine at 4 weeks.


BRIGHTENING COMPLEX with Vitamin C & Scotch Pine Extract


Oil-Soluble Vitamin C Ester was shown in an in-vivo study to reduce UV-induced pigmentation. Its antioxidant properties have also been demonstrated to help the skin defend itself against environmental attacks that can lead to dullness and uneven skin tone.


Scotch Pine Extract: This ingredient is known to promote skin brightness.


Brightening Complex Clinical Results:

  • This formula achieved statistically significant results in skin brightness, radiance, luminosity and even tone at 4 weeks.




Kiehl’s was founded in 1851 as an apothecary in New York City’s East Village, dispensing prescription medicine and customized herbal and natural remedies. Relying on their extensive pharmaceutical background, Kiehl’s founding family hand-made personalized skin remedies which were available in the Kiehl’s Pharmacy right up until the 1980’s.  Today, this heritage, combined with Kiehl’s commitment to the highest level of customer service, has culminated in Apothecary Preparations. A true one of a kind innovation, the collection further elevates Kiehl’s tradition of giving customers a deeper understanding of their unique skin concerns while delivering a completely personalized facial concentrate to mix and activate themselves.


SRP: $95

Self Disclosure: No compensation was received. Information and images were provided by Kiehl’s.

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