Last week I shared with you about a great way for Kids to earn gifts for Kids in need!

CWIST is an incentive-based digital learning platform where parents and educators can share ideas, motivate kids to learn and teach valuable life lessons. With CWIST, parents assign a learning challenge (“a cwist”) that the child will love doing because it’s interactive and it’s fun. There are two types of CWISTs: Ready-made challenges can be drawn from an online library of age-appropriate educational online games, such as a math challenges. Or, parents can create their own challenge for their kids to complete. This might be a chore, such as filling up two bags of leaves from the yard, or a learning activities, such completing a reading assignment.


For completing these CWISTs, kids can earn parent-designated rewards such as a bowl of their favorite ice cream, an extra hour of television, or that cell phone upgrade they’ve been yearning for. These CWIST challenges help teach kids the importance of hard work in achieving their goals.

But, my son and I signed up last week and sure…the parent-designated awards are awesome! But, the best thing is that  The Kids CWIST for Kids charitable initiative connects a parent and their children to a child in need. Parents assign their children CWISTs to complete but instead of their child receiving the reward, a gift will be donated to a child whose family can’t afford holiday presents. In addition, CWIST will also be donating the first $2,000 in toys earned by children for completing CWISTs to family-supporting charities. I love that there are a variety of choices to pick from arts, cooking, sports and many more. There really is something for every kid to choose from!

My son loved the idea of baking bread (for example) and earning a gift for a child in need. This is just such a cool way to give back this holiday season. The campaign launched for #Giving Tuesday and will run through the end of the year.

It’s not too late, to sign up!  For more information go to:

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