Kids away at Sleep Away Summer Camp?


Things have finally calmed down now that the kids have left for sleep away camp.  But you’ve still got a massive “To Do” list before you retreat to the beach or take a (long overdue) summer vacation with the hubby.

Of course the kids are still top of mind but since they don’t have their iPhones, only a traditional form of communication will do: a letter.

Has it been a while since you have written a letter, much less a letter to your child? Add to the mix that in the midst of all your summer plans and travel, when and where will you find the nearest post office?


Have no fear because the app, lettrs has you covered.

The digital letter-writing platform allows you to write a letter on the go and will even mail it for a mere $2. And that’s a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a card not to mention all the time you will save!

Just follow these foolproof letter writing tips and once you’ve signed your letter, input the camp’s address and lettrs will print and post it!


And voila, happy trails…

Camp Letter Writing Tips


Give an update on family life.

Share a morsel of home, whether it is the latest trick Fido has learned or the new flowers in the garden.


Mention something you learned when you were went to camp.

Did you have a signature tie-dye technique? A secret strategy to capture the flag? Write about it!



 Ask only one question.

Yes, only one. The beauty of a letter is that it does not have a reply button above it. Instead, your child will write you back when they have something exciting to tell you. But, you can help egg them on. Perhaps ask, “What food are you craving? I’ll have it waiting for you in the pantry.” Or “Are you glad I packed that extra bottle of bug spray?”


Bonus: Include a picture.

Don’t expect it to be taped on the front of their bunk when you pick him or her up. But, know that it will be appreciated!

Self Disclosure: No compensation was received to feature. Credit: Lettrs.

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