Kids Are Turds: Brutally Honest Humor For The Pooped-Out Parent

Kids are Turds 9781510704978

Looking for a fun gift especially for a new Mom this Mother’s Day?

Skyhorse Publishing/Sky Pony Press is pleased to announce the publication of a hilariously relatable parenting book!

 KIDS ARE TURDS: BRUTALLY HONEST HUMOR FOR THE POOPED-OUT PARENT by Jenny Schoberl is a must-read for every current or expecting parent. Kids Are Turds proves that you don’t need to be Super-Mom to be a “good” mom (whatever that is), but you absolutely do need a sense of humor to get through the hard days. Either that, or you can give in, yank up your mom jeans, and rock a mile-long camel toe. So for the love of retinas everywhere, be strong!

This one made me laugh…a lot! It is an easy book to relate to no matter what age your child is! This is one I recommend for all Moms! It’s refreshing and much more fun to read than most parenting books on the market!

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Self Disclosure: I received a free book to facilitate this post.

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