Kids and dogs are inseparable! A pet friendly home gives the kids nice memories of this period which they will remember with fondness when they grow up. Dogs of all types, are loved and treated as part of the family.

Check out Huntington Beach, a dog friendly destination. It even has a dog friendly accommodation, the Pasea Hotel and Spa, which advertises itself as a dog friendly hotel. Now, you all (adults, kids and pet dogs) have a space to sleep in together if you decide to stay overnight.


If you really love dogs and you would want to care for more of them, do you know that just recently, California became the first state in the USA inhibit pet stores from selling dogs, cats and

rabbits except if they come from animal shelters or rescue groups which care for them passionately.

This is to avoid the proliferation of puppy mills that operate in unhygienic and overcrowded conditions.

You live in a dog loving state. Be prepared for responsible dog ownership.

And do you know the rules of the state of California with regards to ownership of pets? If you are a dog lover, don’t overdo it because the law sets limits. Each household may only have 4 dogs or cats over the age of 4 months at any one time. If you want to have 5 or more, you have to get a special permit. You don’t want to go through all that trouble for paperwork. Limit your love and affection to 4 pets and your heart will already be full.


California is so big. Let’s concentrate on SoCal where the world famous Los Angeles, Beverly Hills are located and where dogs are very much loved.

In Southern California, dogs are required to be licensed, but not everybody does this. The act of licensing does not guarantee the fact that the dog being registered is a poodle when in fact it is a pit bull because the dog’s presence is not required. So what are the top dog breeds in Southern California?

1) Poodle. This dog breed best symbolizes the image of Southern California as the entertainment center of the world. Its elegant coiffure is legendary and makes for a nice paparazzi photo shoot on the famous and chic streets of SoCal.

They come in 3 types : the toy, standard and miniature. The miniature is the most popular and the most convenient because SoCal can be overcrowded and its cute frame suits it just fine.

2) Terrier Mix. What if your kid went with you to the dog shelter and he literally just fell in love with a mutt, specifically a Terrier Mix? You have no choice but to accept this dog into your household or you’re going to break your boy’s heart.

The Terrier Mix is literally not a breed but a melting pot of other breeds’ traits and features that have mixed in with the original Terrier breed. This goes to show that SoCal has a continuing love affair with mutts and this soft spot is reserved for underdogs like them.

3) Pit Bull. The animal shelters in Southern California are literally flooded with them because they have the reputation of being aggressive and many supposedly dog friendly places make a special ban of them. But they are popular pets in the large mansions of several billionaires and millionaires who live in SoCal and have approved of the reputation of the pit bull as a guard dog.

4) German Shepherd. It is admired for its obedience and bravery and SoCal folks love these traits in their dogs. Its good aptitude towards work makes it also in demand for service jobs that include being in search and rescue teams for K-9 units. It is an extremely well rounded pet that loves to protect its owners, indulge in playful activities and walk with them.

5) Labrador Retriever. SoCal folks just love dogs which are versatile, intelligent and have gentle temperaments. All these traits fit the overall profile of the popular Labrador Retriever who is exquisitely comfortable equally whether it is just spending a long day at the beach or hiking in the woods with its owner. It is so loyal that legend has it that it fits the bravery of a special species which can save the life of its owner.

Guest post by: Carolline Jones, founder of Bark Friend – Dog Breeds, Training and Guides.

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