A Parent Media Co. Inc. (“APMC”), owner of children’s over-the-top (OTT) entertainment service, Kidoodle.TV, today introduced an exceptional new feature to its service as part of its mandate to provide a broader offering to Millennial parents.

Family Moments™ allows parents to safely upload and store their family videos and home movies for seamless playback and sharing in one location within the Kidoodle.TV platform. With an easy-to-use interface and ability to label and describe uploaded content, parents can quickly upload family videos directly from their iOS devices as well as their personal computers. Once uploaded and securely stored in their Kidoodle.TV account, videos can be viewed across devices for secure, “anytime, anywhere” viewing in HD quality.


The added benefit of the Family Moments feature is that families can quickly divest their smartphones and tablets of large video files that fill up local storage, solving the dreaded ‘device is full, cannot take video’ problem,” says Neil Gruninger, Chief Product Officer, Kidoodle.TV. “We wanted to build a system that is easier to use than other cloud storage options and is specifically designed for video playback.  Family Moments is that system.”


Today’s consumer habits are changing, drifting from traditional viewing to expect instant, on demand access. At the same time, they are looking for easy-to-integrate technological solutions to help them manage and enhance their busy lives. Consumers asked, and with Family Moments, Kidoodle.TV has provided an answer.

 Parents may also share video files with family and friends using a secure, password protected link. Recipients enter an assigned password and can view the videos in full quality . . . a new and easy way to share large video files and to back up precious memories with cloud redundancy.

Our President, Michael Lowe, was relating a touching story to me about how a grandmother recorded herself reading books so that her grandchildren would know her and hear her voice after she was gone,” says Gruninger.  “The story struck a nerve and generated the idea that kids should be able to access such precious video alongside traditional content.


We are proud of this new feature which gives parents another reason to use Kidoodle.TV on a daily basis, providing safe viewing for their children and also secure sharing and storage for precious memories,” added APMC President and Kidoodle.TV founder, Michael Lowe. “This is just the first step in our evolution to provide more to cord-cutting Millennial parents who are incorporating useful aspects of OTT and technology into their lifestyles in an effort to simplify, manage and enhance them.”

Through the Apple App Store, parents can access this new feature to easily share meaningful recorded memories such as weddings, birthday parties, sporting events, recitals and school plays, in a secure, private setting with friends and family.


Inspired by the real-life needs of families, Family Moments, is an industry-disrupting tool that harnesses the remarkable power of technology to enhance consumers’ lives.


Family Moments will be made available to Android users in the coming weeks.


Kidoodle.TV is an award-winning, industry recognized, OTT streaming service dedicated to providing a wide array of quality entertainment and educational content to kids and families. Designed to safely accommodate the rapidly changing demands of today’s digitally connected families, Kidoodle.TV features robust parental controls, a brightly colored, customizable interface, and now, is the world’s first kid’s subscription-video-on-demand platform to allow consumers to share and view user generated content alongside the most popular children’s programs.


Credit: Kidoodle.TV

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